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Newborn Safety: This is a really important topic, so I thought it would be really useful to write a short blog about newborn safety during your photoshoot.

Most people won’t know that the newborn photography industry is unregulated. This means that anyone can pick up a camera and become a newborn photographer.

You do not need to pass any exams or receive any hands on training from an experienced photographer. One may presume that all photographers have received training to make sure they are safely carrying out the job correctly. However this is wrong. When choosing a newborn photographer it is important that you make sure that they have received training from a trainer who is the best in their field.

From being a new Mum myself I know that your priority is protecting your little one. You as the parent want to make sure that you are handing your baby over to someone who has experience.

Before I started working with newborn babies I attended training with one of the UK’s leading newborn photographers, who also is a newborn safety advocate. I have also attended regular trainings throughout my career to make sure I am always up to date with any changes. 

Listed below are the most important safety aspects during a newborn photoshoot:

  1. Temperature of the room is really important. By using heaters (dependent on which season it is) I can create a lovely warm environment for your baby. This helps them sleep during their session. However is is important to monitor the temperature throughout the whole session. I always make sure that the temperature never exceeds 26 degrees. If baby is wrapped it needs to be cooler than this. If my clients are very observant, they may notice me regularly checking the thermometer throughout the session.
  2. I will never pose a baby in a pose they are uncomfortable in. Babies are pretty good at communicating with you when they are not happy. In my experience I find that most babies are happy in the poses I carry out however the odd one may find it uncomfortable. That is fine we are all different, if they don’t like it then I simply move on and try something else.
  3. One thing that is really important is to never leave a baby unattended in a prop or on the beanbag. Now the old wives tale that newborn babies can not roll is a lie! I have seen it first hand. I find that the smaller lighter babies are able to roll, which to think about is pretty amazing! That being said I never leave baby on a beanbag or when they are in for example the forward facing pose unattended. I will always ask (usually Dad) to step in and support baby if I need to leave that area for even a second! Parents are always happy to help during the session and I think it helps them feel involved.
  4. When wrapping a baby I always make sure they are not over wrapped. This means that they haven’t got too many layers of wraps around them. This could cause over heating and possibly any restrictions round their neck. Checking the skin colour can help to see if baby is too warm too.
  5. Camera safety, when I carried out my training the first thing I was taught about was safety with the camera. When shooting I ‘always’ make sure the camera strap is around my neck. I also never stand on step ladders above baby, this could be very dangerous.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about safety when it comes to your newborn sessions. I also hope it can give some reassurance that all sessions are safe and fun!


If you are expecting and would love to have beautiful pictures of your brand new baby, please use the contact form to chat further with me. I would love to hear from you!

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