Will my baby sleep during their newborn session?

Pretty much every single set of parents I meet say the same thing half way through the session. ‘I am so relieved, I was so worried my baby wouldn’t sleep for the photoshoot. They aren’t usually this calm and settled‘.

It’s an understandable worry, newborn babies cry. They can become unsettled and they may feed more than usual on some days compared to others. But when you come for your newborn photoshoot I am very experienced and prepared with techniques to settle your baby. I keep the environment calm and comforting for your baby. I wouldn’t want any of my clients to feel worried about how the session may go before they come to the studio. 

Over the time I have been photographing babies I have learnt lots of techniques which help your baby to stay asleep and to keep them settled and calm during the session.  

  • Firstly, I always play white noise in the background. This noise mimics the womb. We have to remember that it wasn’t long since they were all snuggled up in the womb. The womb believe it or not is a noisey place to be, so making the environment a familiar sound can really help. Lots of parents are so impressed by the white noise machine I have playing, they order one whilst they are at the studio!
  • Secondly, I always keep the studio lovely and warm. I am always vigilant and regularly check the temperature of the room throughout the whole session with a thermometer in the studio. The womb is a very warm place and therefore by keeping the studio nice and warm will help your baby sleep and feel settled. 
  • Thirdly, I always start off by wrapping your baby up. Firstly, this means I can create gorgeous wrapped shots to start with and more importantly it helps baby to feel safe and secure by mimicking the feeling of being in the womb. Certainly by the end of the pregnancy babies are very curled up in the womb. They love to be wrapped up in those first couple of weeks. Some babies just prefer to be wrapped all the time and hate it when you un wrap them! But usually once they are wrapped for a short amount of time they drift off into a lovely deep sleep. This means I can then unwrap them very carefully and can create un wrapped set ups after. 
  • Lastly, lots of baby cuddles and gentle rocking can really help send babies off into a lovely deep sleep. 

With a mixture of all of these techniques I can always make sure we get lots of sleepy gorgeous images. I always want my clients to leave a session feeling relaxed and most importantly make sure they have enjoyed themselves. It is an experience to remember and look back on. Those early days are such a blur, I know this from personal experience. So having an early memory with your brand new little family is so important. 


Please get in touch with me today to see what I can create for you and your family. I would love to hear from you! Please use the contact form to send an enquiry. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Pippa x

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